Mattress smell

SleepMaker beds are manufactured with a number of materials ranging from wire springs, textiles, wood and foam. As with anything new there is often a smell to it whether it be a new car or baking fresh out of the oven, and our beds are no different.

Each bed we manufacture is made to order so it means that you can expect your new bed to have a new smell about it.

Depending on the mattress you have purchased, there will be a varying degree of comfort materials in the construction to create a mattress with unique comfort, support and temperature support properties.

We are the only bedding manufacturer in the Southern Hemisphere to also manufacture our own foams. This allows us to use the highest quality foams possible. Our foams are also safe for those suffering from allergies, as we also treat our foam with Ultra-fresh that has anti-microbial properties and reduces allergens.

However, just like a freshly baked cake, our foams can have a new smell to them. With our foam made fresh for our beds, and the beds made to order, beds arrive new to you when they are delivered. Because of this is may take up to 4 weeks for the new smell to dissipate completely.

If you notice the new smell when you unwrap your mattress, we recommend that you let your mattress breathe before making it for the first time and again when changing the sheets and bedding over the first few weeks. Opening windows to improve with ventilation may also assist.

Our beds are manufactured to the highest in safety standards so you can be safe in the knowledge that you and your family will be sleeping safely on your new mattress.