Too soft

Mattresses come in a range of comfort feels from firm to soft or plush. The right comfort feel for you is a personal preference and only you can determine the mattress feel that is most comfortable for you. It is important to test mattresses for at least 10-20 minutes (should be longer than 10 minutes – should we say something like – it is important for you to try as much as possible to replicate your sleeping style in store before you commit to the purchase of your mattress. This may involve repeated visits to store in order to fully evaluate whether the mattress feel works for you. Do not hurry your mattress purchase – the correct purchase is important for you to have a great nights sleep.

Mattresses with foam comfort layers also become softer as they warm up through the ambient temperature as well as heat transfer from body contact. If the temperature in your bedroom differs from the store temperature you tested the mattress in, your mattress may feel softer as a result.
We recommend contacting your retailer to discuss your chosen mattress and your options.

Also need to discuss that the base of the bed will alter the feel. If the mattress was tried on a solid slat or platform base in store and the customer has a flexi slat frame at home, the mattress will feel softer at home. This should be taken into account when trying mattresses in store.